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Overview of massages by
Wang Thong Wellness 
all the ladies have more then 10 years
of experience


The costs are:

€ 35 / 30 min. | € 65 / 60 min. | € 90 / 90 min. | € 120 / 120 min.

Book an aromatic hot oil massage in Hasselt (Limburg)

Aromatic hot oil massage in Hasselt, Limburg

During an aromatic hot oil massage, your body is infused with delicious oil and you have the choice between coconut oil, jasmine oil and orange oil. Coconut oil consists of 50% lauric acid and helps prevent infections, while jasmine oil counteracts tension and orange oil has a refreshing effect.

During the aromatic hot oil massage, theoretically, no pressure or squeezing techniques are applied as your body is gently rubbed with warm, aromatic oil. However, you can also opt for a slightly firmer treatment.

The aromatic hot oil massage is recommended for feelings of depression, poor circulation, stress, back and neck complaints, chronic fatigue, stiff and locked muscles and headaches.

Traditional Thai massage in Hasselt, Limburg

Traditional Thai massage is a powerful treatment that guarantees relaxation of the muscles, nerves, tissues and skin. Traditional Thai massage kneads the muscles so that all tension leaves the body, stimulating pressure points and improving blood circulation. A characteristic of the traditional Thai massage is that no oils are used and you give yourself completely over to the kneading skills of our experienced masseuse. Our masseuse carefully arranges your body in special positions and they use their entire body, including elbows and knees, to apply the right force.

Traditional Thai massage is recommended for headaches, poor circulation, back problems, chronic fatigue, stress, neck complaints, stiff and locked muscles and feelings of depression.

Traditionele Thaise massage

The costs are:

€ 65 / 60 min. | € 90 / 90 min. | € 120 / 120 min.

Book a hot oil massage in Hasselt (Limburg)


The costs are: total price for 2 people

€ 65 / 30 min. | € 120/ 60 min. | € 160 / 90 min. 

Book your dual massage in Hasselt (Limburg)

Dual massage in Hasselt, Limburg

During our dual massage in Hasselt, the focus is on enjoying and relaxing together. You and your girlfriend or partner are in the same room at the same time and you are immersed in a feeling of peaceful togetherness. The interconnectedness is at its greatest when you choose the same massage at the same time, but it is also perfectly acceptable for you to choose a hot oil massage and your companion a traditional Thai massage.

Thai facial massage in Hasselt, Limburg

During a facial massage, the masseuse helps to clear your head. This massage works well to relieve headaches, but at the same time has beauty benefits. For example, it removes wrinkles and gives your face more colour. This facial massage starts with positive touches in which the nerves are stimulated extremely gently, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. It is therefore not surprising that this massage has a good effect on your breathing, nerves and digestion. You won't experience any side effects, but we do recommend repeating the facial massage regularly to permanently remove bad toxins.

This facial massage is a genuine beauty treatment and is recommended for sagging skin, age spots and wrinkles in the neck and face.

The costs are:

€ 35 / 30 min. | € 65 / 60 min.

Book your face massage in Hasselt (Limburg)


The costs are:

€ 35 / 30 min. | € 65 / 60 min. | € 90 / 90 min.

Book a foot massage in Hasselt (Limburg)

Foot and leg massage in Hasselt, Limburg

Customers from far and wide visit Wang Thong Wellness  for our foot massages. During our foot and leg massage in Hasselt, our specialised masseuses not only treat the reflex points on the feet but also those on the legs. For this, they use special stretching techniques and various pressure points. The result is an effective but relaxing and de-stressing experience that reduces pain, improves circulation and promotes sleep.

Our foot massage in Limburg is recommended when you often suffer from pain in the legs and feet, have poor circulation or need aftercare due to fractures or other disorders.

Other Thai massages by appointment

Besides the above massages, you can also visit us for other massages, such as a shoulder massage, neck/back and head massage, pregnancy massage or a special child massage for the little ones.

Contact us for more information.

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